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930T Oil Tanker


Built in 2017, China, under construction, will be completed in about 3 months.
The vessel is mainly used to carry refined oil that flash point ≥ 60 ℃.
Navigation Area: coastal navigation area.
The design and construction of the Hull structure, outfit of deck and accommodation, machinery,
electrical and other unit should be reviewed and inspected by the ZC.
The vessel shall be steel product oil tanker, which have a continuous list deck, forecastle and poop
superstructure, bulbous bow, double bottom, double-hull, list propeller and list rudder stern engine and is
drive by one diesel engine. The structure of the hull adopts combination system of framing, the bulk oil
space is the longitudinal framing system, rest is the whole electric welding structure form of horizontal
framing system.

Length over all LOA 53.10 m
Length water line LWL 50.53 m
Length between perpendicular Lpp 49.50 m
Breadth (molded ) B 9.20 m
Depth (molded) D 4.10 m
Design draft d 3.45 m

Gross tonnage GT 496
Net tonnage NT 277

The deadweight of this ship to be 930t at design draft and density of water shall be 1.025t/m3 and
corresponding loading weight to be 902.8t.
Main engine
model and number 6190ZLC1-2 1 set
Rating Power and speed 218kW×1000r/min
Gear box
Model HCD400A
Speed ratio 5.89:1

Under the design draft 3.45m and the following conditions, the design speed shall be 10.2 kn.