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7900 DWT Oil Tanker


7900 DWT Oil Tanker
This ship is type 2 chemicals bulk carrier cum oil tanker. The navigation
area is unrestricted.

This vessel is a steel, single deck, combination framing style, with
forecastle and poop, single diesel engine with gear box, single propeller,
single rudder, stern-engined, type 2 liquid chemicals carrier cum oil tanker.

This ship is classed to CCS and obtained the following class notation:
★ CSA ★ CSM ,Double Hull Oil and Chemical Tanker,
Type 2,F.P.≤60℃,Icing Class B,ESP

Ship type particulars
Length overall 117.28m
Length, designed waterline 111.25m
Length between perpendiculars 108.00m
Breadth molded 18.00m
Depth molded 9.00m
Designed draft 7.00m
Full load displacement 11013.1t 
Block coefficient 0.7870
Prismatic coefficient 0.7932
Midship section coefficient 0.9922
Waterline coefficient 0.8950
Sheer fwd for main deck 1.385m
Sheer aft for main deck 1.171m
Camber 0.360m
Frame spacing for the whole ship 600mm
Deadweight 7912.1t

Main engine
Type: 6N330-EN diesel engine 1set
Continuous power: 2574KW×620r/min
Type of gear box: GWC52/59,reduction ratio 2.9463:1

Generator sets: 3 sets of marine diesel engine of type of Z6170ZLC-7, rated
load of 400KW and rated speed of 1500r/min. 3 sets of three phase alternator
of type of TFXW-355M4-H, rated load of 350KW, and rated speed of 1500r/min. 1
set of emergency generator of type of CCFJ75-Y and marine diesel engine of type
of 6135AD-3, rated load of 110KW and rated speed of 1500r/min. 1 set of three
phase alternator of type of TFXW-225L4-H, rated load of 75KW and rated speed
of 1500r/min.

The propeller material is grade 3 Nickel-aluminum bronze.
It is whole style and the quantity is 1.
The blades are of MAU style four blades. The diameter is 3.3840m.
The pitch ratio is 0.6288. The blade area ratio is 0.5580.

Under the condition of the designed draft, when the main engine
generates the continuous power, the sea is tranquil, the wind is not more than
grade 2 and the sea is deep, the speed is more than 12.0kn.

Gross Tonnage: 5199
Net Tonnage: 2416

With bow thruster. Under construction.