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7440 dwt bitumen tanker


7440 dwt bitumen tanker ship
Class: BV
This is a steel hull, single propeller and bitumen tanker ship, with
continuous freeboard deck, forecastle, poop, transom stern, semi-hanging
rudder and bulbous bow. The main hull contains 14 cargo oil tanks (7 pairs
on each side). The cargo oil pump room and engine room shall be provided
double bottom. The cargo oil tank zone shall be a longitudinal framing
system structure with a double bottom and double skin. Double bottom and
wing tank are considered as water ballast tank. Platform deck shall be
arranged in engine room, 4 floors deckhouse in stern, and crossovers in
cargo oil tank zone between poop and forecastle.

According to the requirements by “RULES” of BV, the vessel is designed
to sail major in the limitless navigation area which has B type ICE strengthen,
and can carry product oil (diesel oil and petrol) with the flashing points more
than 60℃ or bitumen products which the temperature is no more than 180°C and
can carry COALTAR with the flashing points more than 80℃.

Main dimensions and particulars
Length, overall LOA = 118.80 m
Length, LWL LWL = 112.91 m
Length, b.p. LPP = 110.00 m
Breadth, moulded B = 17.60 m
Depth, moulded D = 9.00 m
Designed draught d = 6.80 m
Load displacement Δ = 10660.10t
Weight W = 7440.1t
Endurance 400 hours
Cruise range 20 days
Sheer on forecastle hS = 0.576 m
Sheer on poop hW = 0.333 m
Camber f = 0.200 m

Gross tonnage GT=5060,net tonnage NT=2428

Main engine:1 set of marine diesel engine of type of MSEN 6H32/40P, rated
load of 2880KW, and rated speed of 750r/min.
Gear box:1 set of marine diesel engine of type GWC60.66, and reduction ratio
of 4.48:1.
Generator sets: 3 sets of marine diesel engine of type of Z6170ZLC-7, rated
load of 400KW and rated speed of 1500r/min. 3 sets of three phase alternator
of type of TFXW-355M4-H, rated load of 350KW, and rated speed of 1500r/min. 1
set of emergency generator of type of CCFJ75-Y and marine diesel engine of type
of 6135AD-3, rated load of 110KW and rated speed of 1500r/min. 1 set of three
phase alternator of type of TFXW-225L4-H, rated load of 75KW and rated speed
of 1500r/min.

Cargo oil system: 2 sets of horizontal dual suction double screw pump of
type of 2HM7000-128, flux of 650 m3/h, suction head of 5 m, rated speed of 1450
r/min, discharged pressure of 0.8 MPa and input power of ~172 KW.

Cargo oil heating system: Fuel oil boiler of type of QXC-300L, capacity
of 3500KW, consider light diesel or heavy oil as fuels.

Propeller:Type of MAU-5,diameter of 3.900 m, pitch of 3.592 m, pitch ratio
of 0.921, disc ratio of 0.50, and 5-blades.

Speed:The full load trial speed of this vessel is about 12 Kn, when at the
designed draft of d=6.8m, main engine rated power of P=2880KW, rated speed of
N=750r/min, and wind-force of no more than level-3 Po’s vane.

With bow thruster. Under construction.